Ensuring Safety, Enhancing Quality, and Preserving the Environment


At APT Global, safety is a core value across all our operations, with all employees at our yards and entities well-informed to have it as top-most priority.

To ensure that safety remains our top-most priority, we have implemented robust safety policies and procedures that comply with industry standards and regulations. Our employees are well-informed about these policies and receive regular training to stay updated with best practices and emergency protocols.

We actively promote safety awareness through communication channels, including safety meetings, newsletters, and training sessions. Our goal is to empower every employee to identify and address potential hazards, and to encourage a proactive approach to safety at all times.

We believe that a safe workplace is the foundation for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. By fostering a safety-first culture, we aim to create an environment where everyone feels confident and motivated to work, resulting in increased productivity and overall success.