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Born In 2003
APT worldwide

About Us

We are a leading ship builder, equipment manufacturer and technical service provider across Marine, Dredging, Offshore, Oil & Gas and Energy industries
Born in the year 2003, we have developed into a recognized partner for an ever-growing global client base. We understand the requirements of our customers, resulting in long standing relationships and a fast-growing global exposure.

APT worldwide footprint

Headquartered in Dubai and supported by various strategically located operations in the UAE, Qatar, India, Belgium and the Netherlands, we strive to provide the highest level of international quality and service.


Our commitment to client satisfaction and quality goes hand in hand with an equal emphasis on Environment, Health & Safety as confirmed by DNV certifications ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 as well as DNV certification for our yards.

Continuous Progress

A clear focus on continuous development, helps us to further strengthen our global recognition as a preferred partner in marine construction, engineering and repair services.
APT Global Manifesto  

We are changing the way we do things and embracing the new. We are going beyond the ordinary and transforming the future.

Today was yesterday. Tomorrow is today.

We are envisaging sustainable resolutions and engaging in responsible production. We talk to like-minded individuals who are inclined towards clean energy. We inspire sustainable thinking across all our departments, among all of us, and constantly reminding people of their relationship with nature. We urge ourselves to own up and be accountable, for our personal lives and everyone's future.

Our goal is to make sustainable adoptions desirable and accessible - by introducing creative solutions that are researched with clarity and executed effectively. We look at life a little differently - at its culture, or behavior - and offer thoughtful, alternatives. We empower everyone, to live responsibly every day.

Three core tenets of APT Global

Promises to Keep

Our promise

  • We promise the finest quality workmanship.
  • We value steadfast partnerships.
  • We strive towards sustainable development.
  • We strive for the safest working environment.