Dredger Equipment Manufacture for TSHD/ CSD/ Backhoe/ Hoppers

Dredging Equipment

New building

Over the years, we have successfully constructed several CSD500/650 cutter suction dredgers for several clients. After a decade of specialization in dredger part and component fabrication and repair, we positioned ourselves as a recognized player in the market for dredger construction.

Parts & components

With two decades of experience in servicing the worldwide dredging market, we have naturally become the preferred supplier for all major international dredging contractors and OEM partners for component and spare part requirements.

  • Barge conversions
  • Split hopper conversions
  • Split hopper dredger to fall pipe vessel conversion
  • Spreader Pontoon conversions
  • Conversions into pipe laying vessels
  • Conversions to cable laying vessels
  • Conversions to accommodation barges