Green Ship Recycling
We have created the Green Ship Recycling division to contain dismantled ships on beaches, letting toxins flow out to waterways, and sustain the lives of people. For this purpose, we have initiated dry-dock facilities that capture toxic waste with proper safety procedures that protect our workforce.

Ships are dismantled and recycled within the scope of EU legislation and national legislation, Basel, IMO, ILO contracts by purchasing ships that have completed their economic life and are being brought to the facilities.

We have authorized partners who are licensed to recycle metal, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in strategic locations across the world.

Environmental awareness is the goal and APT provides all her employees the necessary training in order to sustain this principle. This makes our company a highly recognized preferred partner and Shipbreaking Facility in the Persian Gulf and International markets.

The more ships we recycle, the more green jobs we create. Protecting the environment from toxic ships comes with the added boon of creating more green recycling jobs.

Ship Recycling Insurance: All work undertaken by APT Global is insured under the ship recycling policy valued at up to US$ 10 Million.