Green Ship Recycling

Ship Recycling

APT Global Marine & Offshore Engineering, RAK has been awarded with the BV certificate as Ship Recycling facility. The yard is approved & follows the protocols of EPDA, RAK government. The new yard has been operational for the activity since December 2020. Facility is 42,000 sqm. In size with an independent quay of 180 metres.

APT Global is the first yard in the middle east with the certification and goes to show the commitment of the organization to sustainability business.

Current projects ongoing includes:

- Crane / accommodation barge – 01 Nos.

- Multipurpose Barges – 04 Nos.

- Currently APT has two yards with Private Quay wall in RAK Maritime City, of which one is exclusively used for ship recycling / ship repair projects and other one for all offshore / onshore / marine construction projects.